We are open!
Working hours for following days are:
Monday, January 18 10am - 8pm (fully booked)
Tuesday January 19 10am - 8pm (fully booked)
Wednesday January 20  10am - 8pm (fully booked)
Thursday, January 21 10am - 8 pm (reservation will open on January 19 after 1pm)
Friday, January 22 10am - 8pm (reservation will open on January 20 after 1pm)
On Monday, January 18, the snow park track will be closed. Cross-country skiing is available, but it is not so enjoyable, because we are still blowing snow.
We have prepared 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, Shallow and Beginners track (with rope lift).

Do not forget to book your visit to Milzkalns ahead using Bookla app. Also we kindly remind you to read our special rules below.
The number of visitors on the hill is strictly limited.

 - The most important! The time to visit the mountain must be booked! Go to https://bookla.app.link/sEHbiYpJecb and book your desired arrival time. The ski-pass can be purchased at Milzkalns ticket offices only.

 - For your convenience, there is a mobile application BinaryQ, in which you can take a queue when you leave the house and see the progress of the queue in the application. Please arrive at the rental on time, at least 30 minutes, to be able to receive the inventory before the booked mountain visit time!

 - Unfortunately, it will not be possible to change up in the rental premises. We invite you to dress up at home or in the car!

 - Meals at the cafe will be available only for take-away!

 - While waiting at the ski-lift and waiting for your descent from the mountain, please observe a distance of 2 m from each other!

 - Instructors can be booked as before by calling 26222999. Instructors you can now find on the 1st floor of the cafe house next to the 1st and 2nd ski-lift.

 Let's be understanding! This situation is new for both us and you, and we do our best to make everything work, but we look forward to your response if there is a delay!